An Adjusted Dream: A Biography of Olu Akinkugbe

an adjusted man

Title: An Adjusted Dream: A Biography of Olu Akinkugbe
Author: Udu Yakubu
Year of Publication: 2002
ISBN: 978-153-102-9
Pages: 345 + xiii

If you are looking for an entrepreneurial and business history of Nigeria from a human angle, then look no further. This book is it. An Adjusted Dream is also a success story. In fact, almost too successful to bereal. As a modestly successful second generation Nigerian businessman myself, with obviously less luck in the choice of my business partners than Chief Olu Akinkugbe, I marvelled at the series of successful and enduring partnerships that the Chief had been able to foster over the years, until the Spectrum saga. The uncharted Nigerian business sea is so infested with foreign and local sharks and buccaneers that I would have been most surprised to learn that Chief Akinkugbe swam in it for over fifty years and emerged virtually unscathed. Spectrum gave a lot of realism to this story.

Not surprisingly, An Adjusted Dream, like Chief Akinkugbe himself, is uncontroversial except for Chief’s passionate but unconvincing defe nce of smoking and the tobacco industry. But like the Chief, this book will sell because it is well researched and written in simple, concise and good English completely devoid of the grovelling and flattering adulations that afflict many a local biography. This book is also a mine of economic and business information without the usual stodgy and forbidding statistics and graphs. It is a good read and Dr. Udu Joseph Yakubu must be commended for an excellent job.

– Lt. Gen. T.Y. Danjuma, GCON