Gamaliel Onosode: A Biography

gamalie biography

Title: Gamaliel Onosode: A Biography
Authors: A.E. Eruvbetine, Udu Yakubu & Harry Olufunwa
Year of Publication: 2003
ISBN: 978-059-253-9
Pages: 368 + xiii

Gamaliel Onosode is a technocrat whose lifetime of service to Nigeria has been underscored by an unyielding commitment to principle and probity.  Gamaliel Onosode: A Biography is the first in-depth study of a man whose life is a distinguished exception to the lamentable norm in Nigeria. Famous for his readiness to resign or be fired rather than accept unethical compromise, Onosode has often been seen in the popular imagination as an enigma whose sternness of character is only understood by the trademark central parting of his hair that he made his own. This book attempts to illuminate the subject by examining him in the context of his religious upbringing, and exploring the values and motivations of his adult life.