Grace and Guts: An Autobiography

grace and gut

Title: Grace and Guts: An Autobiography
Author: Edoleyi Andy Egonmwan
Year of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-978-51256-7-2
Pages: 226 + xiii

Grace and Guts is a scintillating autobiography which captures the author’s resilience, generosity and other virtues that are of great value to our young people, particular in this era of daunting challenges and numerous frustrations. Surely, luck or destiny was an instrument favourable to Andy, a deeply religious man, but his virtues equally stood him in good stead as he swam from the river of nowhere to the shore of success which his autobiography audaciously, truthfully and gracefully captures. Parents and guardians who have the crucial and critical responsibility of bringing up the young ones should consider it worthwhile to inculcate in them these virtues of worthy personage whose life is worth emulating. Grace and Guts is a most compelling, illuminating and fulfilling autobiography of a worthy man who is more than a worthy man.

                                                                                                       – Unionmwan Edebiri, Ph.D. (Paris)
Professor of French and Barrister-at-Law