The Narrow Road: A Life of Dotun Okubanjo

the narrow road

Title: The Narrow Road: A Life of Dotun Okubanjo
Author: Udu Yakubu
Year of Publication:  2011
ISBN 978-978-48948-6-9
Pages: 220 + viii
The Narrow Road, a biography which captures the eventful life of Oloye Dotun Okubanjo, is without doubt a story that would elicit the quintessential delight of biographers and lovers of biographies. It is a story that is full of personal drama, the power of determination and the trajectories of success, idiosyncratic drives and controversies, intrigues and betrayals, and the solace of poetry and faith in a diminuendo. Without doubt, the subject’s life is a road not commonly travelled; the narrow road has never had a populist appeal, but it is for this same reason that it is conceived of in terms of classical values. In the ‘good’ old times, it is a road, we were told, that almost always leads to ‘heaven’; in our corruption-ridden modern age, it only certainly leads to wisdom and contentment. This biography does not ascribe to itself any pedagogic objectives, but it almost certainly has nuggets of truth for co-travellers, especially the multitudes that travel on the broad street of life.